The most scriptable Voice API on the market

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Takes literally minutes to set your Voice API

Powerful Scripting

Love the simplicity of the JavaScript? Then use it to program telephony or call center using the logic of JS, instead of complex XML.

Use Local Numbers
in your ‘select - language’

Your Local Number

Give your customers the way to reach you with your localized phone or SMS number.

Set all your agents in just a few steps

Managing local & remote agents

Easily add, monitor, manage your call center agents

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Never download again

Listen to any call instantly, by pressing play. No download necessary to monitor call content.

Complex routing, queues programming in seconds


Program special events like call hangup, that trigger the execution of the code

  • Code – test – drive

    Play with our scripting tool and test the simplicity of the Voice API

  • SIP - Internet calling

    Fully compatible with an industry – standard SIP protocol for VoIP

  • Per - Second billing

    Pay exactly for what you use, not for unused plans.

Reporting | Monitoring

Amazon S3 Storage

The fastest access to recording with the use of aS3

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