What is CloudIVR?

You’ve always wanted an easy-to-use platform to create a dynamic IVR but you don’t have the experience or infrastructure. Cloud IVR can give you all the tools you need for:

  • your own fully-functional phone number
  • an IVR phone menu
  • features such as recording calls and CRM integration

Best of all, you only need to use Javascript!

What kind of telephone numbers does CloudIVR offer?

We offer numbers that are the same as regular landlines with standard area codes. There are no differences between a number you get from another telecommunications operator only they don’t offer all the features we do. Calling our numbers costs exactly the same as calling a regular landline telephone number.

How to start?

  • pick your new telephone number on the Dashboard
  • add a new Local Agent (give it the name you want, e.g. John Smith)
  • add a new queue called HuntGroup and call it “support”. Next click edit and add the Local Agent you’ve just created (John Smith)
  • edit your telephone number code by pasting the following lines:
call.say('Welcome to our support center!');
  name: "Support",
  • go to the Local Agents’ tab and click the green telephone icon by your Agent (John Smith) which activates a web browser based VoIP phone. It’s a pop-up!
  • use the VoIP phone to call your virtual number

That’s it! You have just created your own hotline and made the first call to your consultant John Smith!

What’s next?

  • go to your helpline code section and press the DEBUG button and call your number again. You can see what is happening with your hotline live.
  • try to add an IVR menu and make another call
call.say(Welcome to our support center!');

br = call.menu({
  tries: 5,
  say: "If you would like to speak to with our support department, press 1. If you would like to learn how to order our services, press 2.",
  allowed: ['1','2']
if (br == 1) {
  call.say("You will be redirected to the support department in a moment.");
    name: "support",
} else if (br == 2) {
  call.say("You can order our services by...");

Be sure to check the JavaScript section of our documentation! There are other examples of more advanced code there.