CloudIVR API [beta]

CloudIVR API is undergoing changes. Docs will be updated soon!


Authorization is based on ”Apikey” HTTP header which returns the value from the main screen.

General info:

  • response - JSON
  • success - http 200
  • error - http != 0, JSON object containing msg field with an error message

Local Agent

GET /api/v1/local-agents

get information about local Agents

GET /api/v1/local-agents/[ID]

get information about a local Agent

PUT /api/v1/local-agents/[ID]/snooze

snooze an Agent, returns the Agent object (like GET)

PUT /api/v1/local-agents/[ID]/wake

wake an Agent, returns the Agent object (like GET)

Database (Global Variables)

GET /database/[key]

return a key from a local database

POST /database/[key]

set a value parameter for a key in a local database

Alias Number

GET /channels/[id]/alias-numbers

return a list of aliases for a telephone number

POST /channels/[id]/alias-numbers/tag

select the least recently used alias and assign it a tag

required parameters:

  • tag (string)
  • minutes (integer) - tag lifetime

DELETE /channels/[id]/alias-numbers/:id/tag

delete a tag (before it expires)


Everyone can call a newly tagged number. The first caller is assigned to the number (alias). Since then, only this caller (number) will be able to call this alias, till the tag lifetime expiration.